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+This directory contains various demos and tests that may
+have an interest for other people.
+Some of them may compile, and even run, maybe.
+Please note that these files are mostly unmaintained and does NOT represent
+a good/correct/clean way to use Raydium. For this, use "official" demos.
+To compile and run an "extra application", you can copy the source file(s)
+with other standard Raydium applications, and use your regular method.
+Another (Linux) option is to stay in the standard Raydium applications 
+directory, and execute as follows:
+ODYNCOMP_FLAGS="-I./" ./ contrib/raydium-extra/app/app.c
+You may find a README.txt file in somes directories with notes about 
+compilation,  usage or particular dependencies. If not, you can have a look 
+at source file headers.
+There's no particular "support" for these files, there're here as-is.

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