---	(revision 449)
+++	(revision 450)
@@ -0,0 +1,20 @@
+mkdir locale
+mkdir locale/es
+mkdir locale/es/LC_MESSAGES
+mkdir locale/fr
+mkdir locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES
+mkdir locale/it
+mkdir locale/it/LC_MESSAGES
+echo -e "\n---Generating POT file of the file: $GAMEFILE\n"
+xgettext -d $GAME -o $GAME.pot $GAMEFILE
+echo -e "\n--- Initializing spanish version...\n"
+msginit -l es -o locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/$GAME.po -i $GAME.pot
+echo -e "\n--- Initializing french version...\n"
+msginit -l fr -o locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/$GAME.po -i $GAME.pot
+echo -e "\n--- Initializing italian version...\n"
+msginit -l it -o locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/$GAME.po -i $GAME.pot
+echo -e "\n--- Finishing...\n"
+echo -e "At this point you have to translate the application in the .po files. After that you will have to compile the po files executing"

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Added: svn:executable
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