Index: init.h
--- init.h	(revision 339)
+++ init.h	(revision 340)
@@ -11,22 +11,22 @@
 some interesting functions. 
-extern void raydium_init_lights (void);
+__rayapi  void raydium_init_lights (void);
 Internal use. Must be moved to light.c.
-extern void raydium_init_objects (void);
+__rayapi  void raydium_init_objects (void);
 Internal use. Must be moved to object.c.
-extern void raydium_init_key (void);
+__rayapi  void raydium_init_key (void);
 Internal use. Must be moved to key.c.
-extern void raydium_init_reset (void);
+__rayapi  void raydium_init_reset (void);
 This function is supposed to reset the whole Raydium engine: 
 textures, vertices, lights, objects, ...
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
 one time.
-extern void raydium_init_engine (void);
+__rayapi  void raydium_init_engine (void);
 Internal use. **Never** call this function by yourself, it may cause
 huge memory leaks.