Index: misc.h
--- misc.h	(revision 51)
+++ misc.h	(revision 52)
@@ -27,26 +27,23 @@
 - self-running demo
 - (idea from RyLe) 'rayphp/' scripts integration into the binary (and why 
 not, a "PACK style" support).
-- more network stack optimisations ?
-- more and more and even more ODE features
-- doc for new features (physics, network, scripting, ...)
-- (idea from FlexH) ./ type script for dependencies check 
-and auto-configuration
+- more network stack optimisations (UDP reads, mainly)
 - better organisation of and files (separate options 
 and build process)
-Please, if you start working on a feature, remove it from the list (and 
-restore it if you failed)
+See also my todo:
+Please, if you start working on a feature, say it on the Wiki.
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 /** (Raydium home)
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+svn:// (SVN trunk)
+ (SVN "live" changelog) (MeMak forum: "a game using Raydium", french) (CQFD homesite)
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