Index: php.h
--- php.h	(revision 697)
+++ php.h	(revision 698)
@@ -4,15 +4,19 @@
 PHP scripting engine
 // Introduction
-This is the internal part of the RayPHP API, where Raydium
-deals with Zend engine.
+Most of this module is dedicated to RayPHP internal uses, where Raydium deals
+with Zend engine.
-All this is for internal use, so no documentation is provided.
+The ##raydium_php_exec()## function is the interesting part of this module,
+allowing you to call external PHP script in your application.
+You may have a look the "Data Registration" chapter to know how "share"
+data between your application and your PHP scripts.
 #include "../php_wrappers.c"
@@ -28,10 +32,30 @@
 extern sapi_globals_struct *sapi_globals;
 extern void ***tsrm_ls;
+__rayapi int raydium_php_exec (char *name);
+This function will call ##name## PHP script. All registered variables and
+functions are exported to the script, and variable can be changed from the
+script itself if needed.
+This function will **not** use R3S to download a missing PHP script, for
+obvious security reasons. But you may use PHP "allow_url_fopen" feature to
+download things from your PHP scripts, if needed.
+In PHP scripts, be sure to pre-alloc strings when calling Raydium functions
+supposed to write to arguments. See this example:
+$str=str_pad("",256); // "pre-alloc"
+echo "$str";
 __rayapi void raydium_php_error (int type, const char *msg, ...);
 __rayapi int raydium_php_uwrite (const char *str, uint str_length TSRMLS_DC);
 __rayapi void raydium_php_init_request (char *filename);
-__rayapi int raydium_php_exec (char *name);
 __rayapi void raydium_php_close (void);
 __rayapi void raydium_php_init (void);