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+R3S: Raydium Server Side Scripts
+With this files and a HTTP/PHP server, you can build very
+quickly a data repository server, allowing clients to get new files
+(and refresh old ones) from this server.
+Files are all stored in the same directory, since
+the client will rebuilt directory structure by itself.
+R3S support uploading, but you can also use a FTP server since Raydium
+client applications allows this.
+With R3S, FTP is slower than HTTP since no compression is used (R3S protocol
+is using gzip with HTTP) but is the only correct solution with big files, since
+most HTTP servers and proxies limits requests size.
+See configuration file, and place data in $data_dir directory.
+Please, note that Apache (or any other HTTP server) must have write rights
+in $data_dir directory:
+# chgrp apache files/
+# chown g+w files/
+(You may have to change "apache" to "httpd", "www-data" or something else).