This directory contains various demos and tests that may
have an interest for other people.

Some of them may compile, and even run, maybe.
Please note that these files are mostly unmaintained and does NOT represent
a good/correct/clean way to use Raydium. For this, use "official" demos.

To compile and run an "extra application", you can copy the source file(s)
with other standard Raydium applications, and use your usual compilation method.

Another (Linux) option is to stay in the standard Raydium applications 
directory, and execute as follows:
ODYNCOMP_FLAGS="-I./" ./ contrib/raydium-extra/app/app.c

You may find a README.txt file in somes directories with notes about 
compilation,  usage or particular dependencies. If not, you can have a look 
at source file headers.

There's no particular "support" for these files, it's here as-is.