#ifndef _LOG_H
#define _LOG_H


// Introduction to log.c
Raydium uses and provides his own logging system, 
hidden behind a single function, as shown below.

__rayapi void raydium_console_line_add (char *format, ...);
__rayapi void raydium_log (char *format, ...);
This function must be used like "printf", using a format 
("%s, %i, %x, ...") and then, suitable variables, 
but without the end-line char ('\n')

raydium_log("You are player %i, %s",player_number,player_name);
For now, this function writes to the parent terminal and the in-game console, with "Raydium: " string prefix.
The user can force logging to a file, using ##--logfile## command line switch.

__rayapi void raydium_log_atexit_quiet(void);
Disable all axtexit dump logs, so the user can see a fatal error message, for instance.