// This file is a footer for Raydium documention
// No compilation is required.


// License
Raydium engine and provided applications are released under both BSD license
and Lesser GPL library license.
See "license.txt" file in the source code directory.

// About CQFD Corp Raydium Team
Alphabetical order:
batcox, Blue Prawn, Cocorobix, FlexH, Jimbo, manproc, Mildred, neub, ouille,
RyLe, vicente, whisky, willou, Xfennec, Yoltie, ... and many others !

// Todo
Wiki RoadMap and ToDo: http://wiki.raydium.org/wiki/RoadMap
See also my todo: http://wiki.raydium.org/wiki/XfenneC

Please, if you start working on a feature, say it on the Wiki.

// Links
http://raydium.org (Raydium home)
svn://raydium.org/raydium/trunk (SVN trunk)
http://raydium.org/svn.php (SVN "live" changelog)
http://memak.raydium.org/ (MeMak forum: "a game using Raydium", french)
http://www.cqfd-corp.org/ (CQFD homesite)
mailto:xfennec -AT- cqfd-corp.org

// Greets
**RyLe**: original implementation of sound.c (OpenAL core sound API)

**BatcoX**: export of RayODE functions into RayPHP (reg_api.c)
and additional PHP wrappers (wrappers.c)

**Mildred**: header and Makefile generator, dynamic version of
Raydium (.so and .a) for Linux.

**vicente**: sprite engine, autoconfig system, and a lot of other things.

// The end !