R3S: Raydium Server Side Scripts

With this files and a HTTP/PHP server, you can build very
quickly a data repository server, allowing clients to get new files
(and refresh old ones) from this server.
Files are all stored in the same directory, since
the client will rebuilt directory structure by itself.

R3S support uploading, but you can also use a FTP server since Raydium
client applications allows this.

With R3S, FTP is slower than HTTP since no compression is used (R3S protocol
is using gzip with HTTP) but is the only correct solution with big files, since
most HTTP servers and proxies limits requests size.

See configuration file, and place data in $data_dir directory.

Please, note that Apache (or any other HTTP server) must have write rights
in $data_dir directory:
# chgrp apache files/
# chmod g+w files/
(You may have to change "apache" to "httpd", "www-data" or something else).

For security reasons (uploaded PHP scripts), you should deny direct access
to the "file/" directory with Apache:

<Directory /home/raydium/repository/files>
    Deny from all

You can create a .welcome message (one line only) in this directory.
A .lock file in this directory will lock all upload support for this repository.