Xfennec > Wed 20 Aug

News are back !

No news here since 2 years !

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We were so busy working on Raydium and on applications that the website was a bit ... abandoned, in facts. I'll make my best to make sure it will never happen again.

What was done in two years ? A lot, really. Let's try to sum up things. Sure, we made hundreds of various bugfixs and cleanups (more than 200 commits), but we've bigger news for you, such as new full, up-to-date, and maintained Win32 SDK. This SDK is built around Code::Blocks, but can also be used without this IDE, with provided command lines tools.

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On the other hand, we also made a big license switch. The whole project moved from GPLv2 to a dual-license: LGPL and BSD. This allows everyone to use Raydium like they want, without conflicting with their own license(s), commercial or not, and allow us to keep rights on our code.

A lot of work has also been done on the engine's documentation, now completed (HDR, MyGLUT, PHP scripting, web server, media path, ...) and fully up-to-date.

But also an amazing number of other things, like:

- new camera features, such as multiple viewports (see test8.c demo), mouse ("freemove") camera, orbit camera, ...
- improved Linux configuration scripts
- new RayODE features, as gravity control, motors monitoring, rays full support, motored universal joints, mouse picking, custom physic frequency and timestep, hinge2 limits, new element-point-to-world-point (and vectors) helpers, onboard camera on static elements, ...
- improved and updated Blender import/export scripts
- easy support for internationalization
- added a FPS limiter (useful to limit CPU usage of an application)
- updated TRI mesh file format to support up to 4 textures per vertex (useful for shaders)
- updated shader support, with automatic tangent vector computation (and smoothing) in shaders, so TBN matrix is now super easy to build (see bumpmapped parallax mapping demo in shader_test.c). It's also now possible to access shader parameters from PHP scripts.
- added support for anisotropic filtering, texture compression and texture freeing
- up-to-date binding generator for Python and Java !
- joysticks/pads/wheels support for win32
- LiveAPI support for win32 (webcams and other VFW sources)
- made an official switch to ODE 0.7 (and any recent release of ODE is compatible, too)
- updated video playback API, now featuring synchronized audio (OGG) and playback speed control
- updated media path feature
- added "init_load" feature, allowing to fully setup an application from an external text file (lights, fog, skybox, ...)
- added replay support ! With slow-motion, rewind, recursive-recording, ...
- added Raydium contribs, as a collada importer, a completion symbols generator for the Geany text editor, but also Raydium contrib applications like a kart game, ragdoll demos, wiimote demo, shaders demo, ...
- added an experimental sprite engine
- updated camera path recorder, and added a camera path player
- ...

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We're now pretty close to release a new stable version of Raydium: 0.800. The last stable release was the 0.680, from 2005...

Stay tuned !