Xfennec > Tue 2 Sep

Raydium (finally) goes Mac

If you're a serious reader of Raydium's forum or our SVN feed, you've probably seen the amazing work-in-progress of st, our Mac guy.

And he did it !
Raydium picture
MacOS X is now an official target for Raydium ! This was requested by many developers and users since years. So you can now expect to see Raydium games for MacOS X, starting with the upcoming st's port of ManiaDrive. Of course, all our next games will also support natively this target at release time, including ManiaDrive 2 (aka ManiaCrash) !

You can find the SDK in the download section. (direct link)

You can have a look to the forum thead about this new Raydium port, and report your experience with this brand new SDK.

Release notes for this SDK:

- Xcode 2.4 or higher.

- Latest Raydium Subversion revision R709.
- Universal binary dependencies for all kinds of i386 and PPC architecture subtypes.
- Xcode 2.4 compatible project files.
- iCompile script to easily build and test applications using a terminal.
- Application template including the Leopard ready IconsFileStore Raydium logo.

1. Download the Raydium SDK for Mac OS X.
2. When the auto-mount option was disabled, double-click the disk image to mount it.
3. Drag & drop the Raydium folder wherever you like to install the SDK (e. g. /Library/Raydium or ~/Library/Raydium).
4. Start up Xcode and load the Raydium.xcodeproj or open a terminal and use the iCompile script to build the samples.