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If you're a Raydium SVN user, you may have noticed that a few things are upside down since a few hours ... The reason is simple: Raydium now handle correctly TGA file format, including RLE compression and "flipping bits" (revision 799, thanks to ouille). Since its beginning, Raydium was reading TGA as if the "y flip" bit was set, whatever it was or not. But as a lot of files in the repository were created without this bit set, Raydium now reads these files upside down. And everything is broken.

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Don't panic. Oh no, wait, do !

We've changed almost all textures in the official R3S repository so the y-flip bit is set. Everything should then looks OK again, all you have to do is refresh you own files, using one these two methods:

1 - Use the "--repository-refresh" command line tags with all applications. It will force the application to download modified files from the repository. But remember to fully use all functionalities: for instance, with test6, you must run the demo, fire a rocket, fire a bullet, add a crate (space key), ... It's the only way to be sure that all textures will be used.

2 - Use our magic texture pack : http://ftp.cqfd-corp.org/raydium_repo_f ... xtures.tgz
In this archive, you'll find all textures available (and fixed) in the repository. Just refresh your own data files with all this, and everything will be OK.

You may have to fix your own textures, too, so be vigilant when launching your applications using this new Raydium release, to be sure to detect all flipped textures (if any). You can use any Gimp-like application to reverse your TGA files. We may also provide a small tool to help you doing this on a big amount of files, just ask for it in the comments.

We'll also ask you, please, to report any trouble with "official" textures from the repository, we may have missed something.

We apologize for all this, and be sure we do our best to avoid compatibility breaks, but TGA reading abilities of Raydium were too limited to cover all needs, so this rewrite was mandatory.

Sorry, again, for any inconveniences caused, and have fun with this new TGA reader ! :) (tip: Blender and Raydium are now friends about TGA)